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3 Questions About No Contact Everyone Gets Wrong

June 06, 2023 Coach Smith Season 2 Episode 10
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3 Questions About No Contact Everyone Gets Wrong
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Are you struggling to navigate the complexities of the no contact strategy post-breakup? Fear not! My latest episode addresses the three most frequently asked questions surrounding this powerful method for recovery. Listen in as we explore scenarios like maintaining no-contact without hearing from your ex, dealing with deleted messages, and responding to your ex's messages during no-contact. 

But wait, there's more! We also reveal an extra crucial question that can make or break your no-contact success. It's a personal question that only you can answer, and finding the answer is key to facilitating your recovery. Don't miss this essential conversation that will help you gain peace of mind and focus on the things that truly matter in your life.

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Savva Smith:

Many of you are aware of the no-contact, a potent strategy for post-breakup recovery. However, its details and nuances make it very easy to make a mistake. With a proper understanding of no-contact, you can speed up your recovery process, get peace of mind and finally be able to focus on things that really matter. To help you avoid mistakes, i'll address the three most frequently asked questions about no-contact in this video. Starting with: "i've maintained no-contact for a few months, but my ex has remained silent. Why might this be? This scenario is not uncommon and we encounter it quite often. You primarily have three potential explanations 1. They could simply be stubborn. In this case, they might remain silent throughout the entire period of no-contact. 2. Not enough time has passed. The nature and timing of the breakup matters significantly. If it was a recent event, filled with negativity, including conflicts and heated arguments, they might start initiating contact after 3, 4 or even 6 months. As experience shows, they often reach out eventually. It just may take a little longer. The third possibility involves a third party. It could be their ex or a new rebound relationship. After this relationship ends, as rebounds typically do, that's when they will start flooding your inbox with messages, so do not worry. Next question: "I'm in no-contact and my ex sent me a message and then promptly deleted it. What could this mean? Honestly, such concerns should not disturb you while you're in no-contact. This could be one of the tactics they use to tempt you into breaking it. They usually resort to this if they still see you as being in a dependent, weak position. In this case, they might think that even a minor interaction will be enough for you to start chasing them again. You can ignore such provocations without concern. If you ignore some of their provocations, do not be surprised if they start becoming more frequent tagging you in posts or photos on social media, liking your posts or blocking them and unblocking you. Do not get entangled in their games and you'll be just fine. And the next question: "I replied to a message from my ex. Initially, the conversations seemed to be going well, but then they started ignoring me, ghosting me. Did I do something wrong? The exact reasons, of course, can vary depending on your situation. In some cases, sufficient time may not have passed to restore the power balance between you two. Thus, they might be curious, but not seriously contemplating reunion. Once their curiosity is fulfilled, they return to their own life until the next wave of curiosity or nostalgia surfaces, but typically it is because they interpret your response as neediness and rapidly lose interest. Usually, it is merely the act of responding that matters. For instance, if the breakup was toxic say they cheated on your own left Then after a month they send you a message and you quickly respond. They will likely perceive this as you still being in a weak position and eagerly awaiting their return, and this is not attractive. So when actions such as cheating are involved, think twice before responding to any messages they send you. If you're still with me, i have an additional answer to a crucial question about no contact. For you, the finding answer to this question is actually the most important factor in facilitating recovery. Based on my experience, people who struggle to find it often break their no contact text or call their ex and their proverbs get reset. However, we'll ensure that you avoid falling into this trap. This extra question you're about to hear is of utmost importance. Answer must come from within you, in your unique situation. Your answer will be exclusive to you. Only you can uncover the truth. You must try. The primary issue with improperly implemented no contact is that people continually think about their ex-partners throughout the process. And how can they not when they still consider them their partners, their loved ones. But the more you think about your ex, the more value your mind assigns to them. The greater their value in your mind, the more power they wield over you And, unfortunately, the more power they wield over you, the less attractive you appear in their eyes. Remember, it's all about maintaining a balance. We can alter this, we can reverse this dynamic. So the question is how can I finally stop thinking about my ex during no contact? It is a simple yet essential question.

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