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Your Couple Told You 'I Need Some Space' | Real Stories Analysis #6

October 02, 2022 Coach Smith Season 1 Episode 6
Smith's Power Consulting
Your Couple Told You 'I Need Some Space' | Real Stories Analysis #6
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In the previous episode, we talked about a situation in which your couple tells you that you're not actually their type.

In this episode, we're discussing a story that includes the magic phrase: 'I need some space.'
What should you do when you hear this one? Obviously, you have to immediately distance yourself. Then, you must enter either no contact or, preferably, the ignoring process to restore the Power Balance and, as a result, to get your ex back - on your terms and conditions.

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This is why you NEED this podcast
She told me 'I need some SPACE'.
DO NOT miss these events, you must take action FAST
In this situation, DISTANCE yourself immediately
This is when the BREAKUP is imminent
They say 'I LOVE YOU' and then they LEAVE you
IGNORE what they're saying, do this instead...
DO NOT repeat this MISTAKE if you want to get your ex back
Should you BLOCK your ex on social media? (Another TOP mistake most people make)
The probability of getting your ex back
If your ex left you for another partner, then...
TL;DR Your loved one says 'I need some space' and you're DOING THIS quickly...
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